Our Technical Services team provide field and workshop services including but not limited to:-

Repairs and Warranty

Have you got a faulty unit or device?
Do you need a product repaired under warranty?

Bring it in!

We will assist and can take the hassle out of your warranty claim.

We service a wide variety of devices, from UHF radios and RC to gaming consoles and computers.


Yes we do upgrades. If it's electronic, we can do it!

We have skilled technicians who know what they're doing. Broken Hill Hobbies and Electronics has been servicing the Broken Hill and Far Western region of NSW for over 30 years so you know that your unit will be serviced by a true professional.

Installations - Software, Hardware, Firmware

Yes, we do installations. Whatever your need, from software to hardware, in-car, in-house, onsite.

Microsoft, Linux, Mac, Android hardware.

Windows, Microsoft Office, Open Office/Libra Office, email, security and many other apps to name a few.

Computer (PC, laptop, tablet etc) servicing and repairs done in house by certified technicians or by approved Remote Access.

Onsite and Call Outs

Yes, we also do both. We can come to you or for urgent service requirements we also provide our call out service.

No problem! We can fix a wide range of issues. We are here to help you, our customer. Ring us up and organise for one of our technicians for an on-site visit.
Note although this service is only available to customers in the Broken Hill area and surrounding area, as we are an member, we can arrange for skilled professionals to service your needs in most parts of Australia.
Payment options vary depending on the type and time critical work that is being requested and if goods are also required. Call us on 08 8088 4098 for more details.

Vehicle Installs

We can install in-car video, car radios, speakers, hands-free car kits and UHF/CB radios in your vehicle. Simply call us on (08) 8088 4098 to schedule a time that suits you.

Goods and Services

The goods and services we provide include but not limited to:

The above list certainly isn't exhaustive so if in doubt, call us on 08 8088 4098 and we will do our best to assist in resolving any issue you may have.